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Effective Building And Construction Budgeting For Your Custom Home Is The Key To Getting Exactly What You Want, Where You Want It

ou allocate your funds to ensure that you achieve your goals and successfully invest your money as you plan.

You may already have ideas about the type of custom home you want. You may have some photos and floor plans. Those items are always helpful. We’ll help you calculate general square footage and begin to break down your budget according to your needs and wants.

As we make decisions regarding budget, we may modify and adjust your ideas or your floor plan. This can be fairly easy if GIS has been involved in each phase of your building process.

There is no question that you can find custom building contractors who will quote you less money—we won’t even attempt to match them in most cases. However, we offer a fair price for a custom home that you will love for years to come. We specialize in quality, reliability, and GREEN building efficiency… but don’t be scared off—if you’re like any of our previous customers, you’ll be glad you paid a little more to do the job right, on time, and worry-free.

“Most buyers want a particular style such as French country, contemporary, or shingle-style for the outside and then about half of them to work with an interior designer to pick the materials for the inside of the house,” Myers says. “Sometimes a builder will have a showroom, or you can look at other homes they’ve built to help make decisions. We show people photos of the most recent homes we’ve built and drive by them so they can see the different materials available and how they look.”

GIS Can Help You Source Your Preferred Materials At Exceptional Rates — And We Make It Our Responsibility To Help You Avoid Blowing The Budget For Your Custom Built Home

The key is bidding the job thoroughly on the front end. The ability to do that properly comes mostly from experience. We’ve done so many projects in the last 100 years that we have a VERY good handle on exactly what a given job is going to entail. We’ll give you a detailed, itemized estimate so you can review it. Usually, the only way the price will go UP is if you (the homeowner) decide to add things mid-job. We strive to work through as many alternatives and options on the front end as possible to minimize your desire to make changes later.

Economical Budgeting For Your Custom Built Home

Generally speaking, we recommend putting your money into the necessities and needs first and then finishing your home by a standardized building schedule. You will make your own choices regarding budget – and we are on hand to guide you. We may caution you to put your money into some things that are on the high end of the price spectrum. If we do, it will be because of our experience in dealing with those products and determining that they are well worth the investment. On occasion, people have decided to go against our suggestions with a particular material or item, and they almost always end up wishing they’d heeded our advice.

We Have Been In Business Long Enough To Avoid The Budgeting Errors And Oversights Made By Other Custom Home Builders

Entering nearly our 4th generation, we have seen it all. We’ve completed thousands of projects varying in type and size. If you would like to get a feel for the range of our capabilities, please check out our gallery pages.

We do not let you believe you can build a custom home for less than it will actually cost

Other contractors may offer a low bid simply to gain your business. These types of contractors know that their bid is less than the actual cost required to build your home. They’ll wait to tell you about substantial price increases until your project is half-finished, the point at which you’re most likely willing to pay whatever is necessary just to be able to move in. Contractors who use these tactics don’t guarantee their materials, products, or warranties, so instead, they rely on deceptive pricing games. When they can’t compete on “Quality” they compromise by offering cheaper, and often inferior, products. Sure, you may be able to get someone to agree to complete your project for less, but you might end up paying more later and sacrificing long-term value. At GIS we know the costs associated with building and include these in our comprehensive bids. We also guarantee our workmanship and refuse to forfeit quality for the sake of quantity.

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