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Our Dedication To Environmentally-Responsible, Sustainable Building Principles Sets Us Apart Among Custom Home Builders In The Seattle Area

In the Seattle area we carry the banner as a recognized responsible builder. That means we have a thorough knowledge of low-impact building principles and a track record of dedicated construction execution.

As we focus on environmentally responsible building practices and materials. We not only benefit the environment, we help your health and your pocketbook too. As new dangers are revealed of common building materials used in the past, we are encouraged to continue to look for new ways of building healthier and smarter, to avoid ingredients that are potentially damaging to your health.

When constructing a custom home, some dangerous building materials to avoid include:

Formaldehyde, Silica, Lead, Wood treatments, Polyvinyl chloride, Common flame retardants, Asbestos, Cadmium

Environmentally-Responsible Building Practices Span All Phases Of The Custom Home Construction Process

Materials that are naturally sourced are not inherently good for you. Lead, asbestos, and radon are found in nature. Our efforts are therefore not to just source materials from nature, but rather to find and use those materials that will make your home and life a pleasant, efficient, and healthy place to live. Just a few of the ways we look to reduce the impact and save energy include:

  • Energy efficient windows.
  • Energy Star appliances.
  • Environmentally sustainable materials.
  • Low energy lighting.
  • Low-VOC paint.
  • Water-based wood finishes
  • Water-efficient technologies:
  • Low water use sinks.
  • Low-flow toilets.
  • Insulated hot water pipes.
  • Recycled water / Irrigation delivery systems.

GIS Is Environmentally Responsible With Regards To Land Preparation And Exterior Landscaping For Your Custom Home

Our sustainability plans can extend outside the home and into the land itself. We work to incorporate the natural elements around your home, including:

Protection of native species, Protection of wetlands, Protect native or rare plants

Let GIS International Help You Plan And Build An Environmentally-Responsible Custom Home Or Building That Exists In Harmony With Its Surroundings

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