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By Using Energy-Efficient Products and Materials On All Our Custom Home Projects, GIS Saves You Money For Decades

Wherever you build in Seattle there seems to be an abundance of natural resources and a unique beauty that typifies our area. When we work with you on your custom construction project you can be confident we are in our niche. We have immense experience preserving environments and using responsible building practices, to retain the natural beauty and advantages that your land can provide.

At GIS We Specialize In Energy-Efficient Building And Construction

While the GIS name reaches back generations, the modern team members specialize in the latest innovations and technologies that enable builders to create more energy efficient, sustainable buildings than ever before.

Today’s Custom Home Materials Are Far More Energy-Efficient

Modern technology and innovation have made today’s building materials not only with less of an environmental impact, but also with greater energy efficiency than ever before. Today’s energy-savers can include:

  • Energy efficient appliances.
  • Renewable building materials such as flooring, insulation, etc.
  • Advanced temperature controls / Thermostat and radiant barrier sheathing.
  • Highly Insulating building materials like siding and concrete forms.
  • Plant-based polyurethane foam.
  • Recyclable materials or cool roofing materials.
  • Low-water-use plumbing.
  • Rainwater recycling systems.

Find Out More About The Energy-Efficient Products And Materials GIS Uses To Make Your Custom Built Home Both Cost Efficient And Environmentally Sustainable

We can schedule a time to see your site, look over your plans and/or discuss ways to make your project more energy efficient, and how you can work to project the natural environment around your building site.

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