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Our Building And Construction Scheduling Methods Are Unmatched By Other Custom Home Builders

With talented managers and an exacting project management process we work to ensure that each phase of your building project works together to keep your project moving on schedule. There are many things that can negatively affect your project.

Common Factors That Can Cause Delays On A Custom Building Project Job Site May Include:

  • Weather delays.
  • Material Shortages.
  • Logistics Problems.
  • Missing Paperwork.
  • Incorrect or Incomplete Plans.
  • Scheduling Mistakes.
  • Errors On Other Job Sites.

While none of these issues are typically planned, it is a common mistake to not plan for them. While there is no way to prevent anything ever causing an issue or a challenge on your jobsite, there are a hundred ways to make onsite adjustments and decisions to ensure that the job keeps progressing despite those things that are beyond our control. We know how to make decisions quickly and constructively to make jobsite progress even through unexpected changes.

Project Delays Can Disrupt Building And Construction Scheduling, As Well As Wreck Your Budget

Each contractor depends on the preceding contractor to complete their tasks prior to their arrival. If one contractor fails to complete a phase of the building process, that can disrupt the schedule and plan for all contractors and the schedule for the job thereafter. Our specialized project managers are versed in making sure that each day is carefully planned and that there are multiple options for continuing progress. Whatever happens we’ll do our best to keep your project moving along.

Keeping Your Custom Home Construction On Schedule Saves You Time And Money

Nothing on a construction project will burst your budget quite like delays and unexpected work orders. That is why our initial planning and due diligence phases are detailed; we absolutely despise surprises. We do all that we can to avoid them. By taking those extra precautionary steps and ensuring that the planning and design preparation are done properly, we save you the potential losses that can occur. Losses happen when scheduling and project management are out of control. Trust GIS to keep things under control and to make sure your project goes as planned.

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