1 ) We stand behind our work

2 ) Superior workmanship from start to finish

3 ) We focus on environmentally responsible building practices

4 ) Single contact communication

5 ) Detailed onsite review – for FREE, without expectation to hire us


  •  Onsite Preview
  •  Completion Of Building Plans
  •  Materials, Energy-Efficiency and Low-Impact Methods
  •  Schedule Your Building Timeline
  •  Regular Budget Reviews
  • Final Walk Through

We work on all terrain types
using proprietary methods,
technologies, and systems to
ensure homes we build are
more durable, unique and are
afar better investment than a
lot of other home builders
can deliver.

Ryan Grams, GIS International Group

When considering a contractor
for your new custom home, this
is what you need to know.


“Custom” to you and “custom” to a
contractor will more than likely mean
totally different things.

People typically pay more than
they should for a custom home.

You can get precisely what you
want without paying more.

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Critical Factor In The Building Process:

How GIS International Gives You The Advantage

Typical Home Builder

GIS International

Lot Examination and Due Diligence

Perform bare minimum tests and surveys and miss important details that will directly impact construction.

Perform rigorous soil and soil testing/ surveys so we know upfront exactly what methods and technologies will be required for each project.

Building Plans

Don’t tell you that the building plans are incomplete; they might look good, but they don’t have the details necessary to actually construct your home or building. After all, they can “fill in” the details with change orders later.

Work with your architect or designer to prepare plans that are build-ready, including all the necessary details that allow us to properly budget, schedule, and plan.


With only minimal soil testing, they are building a foundation without really understanding what’s underneath. No doubt they will build traditional foundation on that steep slope.

Based on our thorough testing and work with geotechnical and structural engineers, along with the qualified subcontractors we will identify and recommend the appropriate foundation, based on the latest technologies available to us.

Energy-Efficient, Low-Environmental -Impact Building Process

The typical goal is to get the building done quickly and move on to the next project – time is money!

We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in environmentally-responsible, low-impact construction. We work with the natural surroundings to satisfy the mitigation plan.

Building Project Management

The supervisor will occasionally show up to check on the building, but it’s unusual. Don’t expect them to babysit your entire project.

Our team is consistently onsite, evaluating each stage of your construction process to ensure it is executed precisely as planned. Instead of occasionally showing up at critical steps along the way, our superintendents have a hands-on style that keeps your project on point.

A Final Word For Your Benefit

If you’re like most of our clients, you love the idea of getting a new custom home that’s energy-efficient and stands the test of time. Our entire building model is focused on delivering a phenomenal finished building, including all of the advantages and benefits of our three-generations of industry experience. As you get to know the team at GIS, you’ll appreciate the level of service that we provide. You’ll also recognize that our eye for detail, along with thoughtful preparation prior to beginning a project, enables us to produce a far more valuable custom home than typical builders. We deliver a better result at every phase of your development and construction project, including better decisions about design, materials, and finishes. At the end of the day, our expertise guarantee your project is done according to your expectations.

We look forward to
working with you!


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