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We are a truly unique Land Development and Building Company. From Custom Homes to Commercial Buildings, GIS International can service all your Development and Construction needs.

GIS International is a real estate development and construction company serving the greater Seattle area. Specializing in single-family and multi-unit projects, we work on all types of terrain with a particular understanding of difficult building sites such as steep slopes and wetlands.

As a third-generation company, GIS has discovered ways to overcome the limitations of traditional building methods. Using the most current building techniques, we produce custom homes that provide luxury while being environmentally-friendly and efficient. Our team incorporates modern technology to construct buildings that could scarcely be imagined a decade ago.

At GIS, we use a hands-on approach to ensure you get everything you want in a dream home. From planning and developing to building, we can work with you every step of the way.

We Are Involved In Your Custom Build Project From Start To Finish

Our team is consistently onsite, evaluating each stage of your build project to ensure it is executed precisely as planned. We don’t just show up for critical check-points along the way. Our team has a roll-up-your-sleeves, hands-on style that keeps the project on schedule.

Sustainable Building Principles and Methodologies Enhance Your Living Environment and Maximize Your Investment

Sustainable Building Principles and Methodologies Enhance Your Living Environment and Maximize Your Investment

When you choose GIS you have access to our knowledge bank on Sustainable Building processes. These systems are applied inside the physical structure of your home as well as to the outside, in order to maintain the integrity of the surrounding environment.

Licensed Custom Home Building Consultants

Few custom home builders have the comprehensive expertise you will find at GIS International. Our team is licensed and experienced in real estate, development, and custom home building, as well as sustainable building methods and environmentally-responsible practices.


Our team of engineers provides superior workmanship and adheres to the highest of standards in structural planning and building, even on challenging soils and difficult slopes.

Vendors and Contractors

We have a “hand and glove” relationship with both vendors and contractors. This interconnection allows us to uphold the same dedication to excellence that has made GIS an industry standard for a century.

Land Development

Our expertise in land development includes modern and sustainable building techniques focused on preserving the natural environment – all while delivering the advantages of a custom home.

Planning & Drawing

Our drawings are detailed, workable, custom home plans that make the building process more efficient.

Custom Home Building

Seattle-area homeowners trust GIS because we build custom homes that offer a unique combination of efficiency, luxury, and low-environmental-impact living.

Custom Home Building

Our Custom Build Process Is The Crescendo Of All Our Development And Planning – You’ll Be Certain You’ve Chosen The Right Custom Home Builder

All our efforts are cohesive and work for your benefit. You’ll find that we possess a rare combination of experience and ability to seamlessly integrate the various phases of the build process. We have grown up in this industry – three generations and counting – and have over a hundred years of experience on projects here, and throughout the world.

The home builder will work with and manage subcontractors during the design process. This allows our design team to coordinate key building systems into the plan for your home.

Land Development

Our Knowledge About Each Phase Of The Building Process Makes Us An Invaluable Partner In Early Stage Property Development

If a project is not drawn and designed or built properly, it can cost you 50% or more than initially budgeted. Those inefficiencies can be knee-buckling, with increased material and labor costs, building delays, and even higher energy and operating costs.

During the development of your project, we study the land to identify any environmentally significant areas that we should preserve. This includes natural habitats, indigenous species and vegetation, fish and streams, native forests and trees, and fields or wetlands. A detailed assessment of your property can uncover unique features of the land that must be considered when choosing building methods. Our goal is to preserve, protect, and even enhance your natural surroundings

Planning & Drawing

Accurate Plans Require Comprehensive Knowledge And Experience

During the drawing and planning phase, GIS provides comprehensive expertise. We’ll show what is required for development and what will be needed throughout the custom build process. This means we can eliminate problems and reduce the costs associated with misunderstood or incomplete plans. It also means that we can integrate when appropriate to prevent avoidable delays, scheduling conflicts, and skyrocketing labor costs. We are disciplined and thorough so that you do not suffer the consequences of a hurried, incomplete custom home plan.

Custom Home Design Includes Details Such As Material Selection And Building Procedures

At GIS, we are continually researching new materials and current technologies for each building project. We’ll also utilize time-tested and proven methods during the foundation and construction phases.

When It Comes to Custom Building, We’re One of the Best In the World at Getting Your Custom Build To Go Smoothly,GIS International’s team has advanced knowledge of all building systems and methods. We are responsible for making sure that each of the subcontractors executes the work as outlined in the design specifications and according to building code.

We Create Distinctive Buildings That Can Withstand The Weather and Elements Of Our Region Whatever your preferred style – from traditional home architecture to modern-day mansions with new and innovative designs – our workmanship is sure to impress. The GIS custom build team is known internationally. We have been recognized for our skill in diagnosing potential problems and addressing them before they can cause significant issues. Our expertise reaches far beyond working to complete projects on time and on budget. The methods we employ and the building systems we use are built upon careful land investigation, experience, knowledge, foresight, and planning. Our meticulous attention to detail makes all the difference in a successful custom build project and helps to solve complex construction problems.

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