Our Due Diligence Process Includes Far More Than Just A Walkthrough — It Includes All The Evaluations, Local Testing, And Legwork Necessary To Ensure You Don’t Make A Mistake When Selecting A Site For Your Custom Home

When you find a spot to build that fits your criteria, we will conduct due diligence on the site. Due diligence is a series of steps we take to evaluate a building site in order to determine whether or not we can build what is planned. Completing this type of review includes performing onsite, evaluative testing. This helps us gather the information necessary to effectively construct what we’ve envisioned for the property as our findings will drive engineering, budgeting, and foundation building decisions.

Find Out About Potential Problems BEFORE Buying Land

We conduct an environmental due diligence review in order to find out if there are any existing liabilities associated with the site you’ve chosen and if so, make appropriate plans based on what is found. You don’t want to wait until after you’ve purchased the land to discover there are environmental factors preventing you from building the house you’d visualized. The due diligence review by GIS will identify any possible environmental issues pertaining to your site that may not be apparent from simple observation.

Site Survey Due Diligence

Before you buy, we should obtain and carefully review a detailed survey of the physical land. The site survey should also specify the exact borders of the land. The ground may be tested by soil technicians in order to determine what building methods will be required for your custom home, including the foundation which could be composed of pilings, piers, or shoring building materials.

Government Ordinances, Zoning Rules, Regulations, and Legal Issues To Consider When Building A Custom Home

Before purchasing land, you need to make sure that you will be allowed to build the home you want. The rules and regulations may vary, depending on the city or county within which your site is located. We will also want to know whether or not the property has any notices, litigation, or hazardous materials located nearby. The Buyer’s engineers play a significant role in obtaining all necessary permits, licenses, and approvals for utilities.

Due Diligence Concerning Property Title And Documentation For Custom Home Building In Seattle

The due diligence process can also include discovering the identity of the owner and potential mineral rights documentation. Some property titles contain the rights to natural resources found at the location, while others may separate oil, gas, and mineral rights.

Due Diligence With Regards To The Natural Environment

Before we build, we need to know all we can about the physical site location, including its natural wildlife, their habitats, and what is underground. Depending on the features of the property, we will order studies concerning protected wetlands, protected species, and protected vegetation. The presence of any of these does not necessarily mean that we can’t build on the selected site. If protected wetlands, species, or fauna is found, we simply need to make proper accommodations to protect and maintain these species, as required by law.

Due Diligence For Water and Utilities

If you want running water and electricity in your new custom home, you will need to make sure you have access to these utilities. The due diligence report includes a plan for providing water and wastewater services, other utilities, and drainage control for the new home. The report will likely give details regarding how to access existing utilities on or near the property.

Due Diligence Regarding Financial Factors

Due diligence also means investigating financial factors relevant to your chosen site. These factors may include an appraisal of the property to evaluate whether financing is feasible. The process of financial due diligence should produce the tax certificate and the amount likely due for property taxes. It will also show us if the property has any outstanding tax liens or past-due taxes, as well as provide all other financial details that could impact potential ownership.

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