GIS Companies Develops Land For Commercial Buildings, Custom Built Homes, And Multi-Family Residences

When we visit a potential site for your custom home, GIS will explain its particular features and discuss the requirements of building there. In so doing, we eliminate surprises, explore potential, and present the best possible value for your investment.

After we select your land, GIS can then seamlessly move into the development phase of the process.

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When You Allow Us To Help With Land Development For Your Custom Home, You’ll Get The Benefit Of Our Expertise

The unique capabilities of the GIS Companies Team are most visible when we are involved in a building project from the very beginning. We achieve the best results when you invite us to start with the development of your land. That way, our team knows precisely what to expect and how to adjust or compensate for the unique characteristics of your building site, including soils, wetlands, protected species, access, and more.

To Build On Seattle’s Unique Topography – and Make The Best Use Of Available Land – Requires An Experienced Team That Understands How Development Impacts The Building Process

At GIS we work with landowners, both public and private, on the planning and development of their land. Our goal is to take full advantage of the natural terrain and incorporate awe-inspiring views.

Our team is comprised of licensed, trained real estate professionals and knowledgeable land developers who can see things that will affect the building long before construction begins. When we walk a potential build site, we provide useful information to assist you during the decision-making process – even when you are at the pre-purchase stage.

The comprehensive GIS services often make it possible for us to integrate the acquisition of property with due diligence, feasibility studies, and all additional steps required for development. The result is to accelerate the pace and efficiency of those initial steps in the custom build process.

Our due diligence process includes all the testing, legal permits, studies, impact evaluations, and other services necessary in order to determine whether or not the site can be used for your custom build project.

Over the years, GIS International has worked on a large number of utility and services-related projects, so we are able to provide authoritative guidance when it comes to planning for utilities. While this may seem like a formality, you’d be surprised at how often we offer alternatives to the typical or standard approach. These unique methods are a result of thorough, boots-on-the-ground, due diligence work and the insights we gain from our findings. We have to first establish whether the site has current connections to the local utilities. If not, then we have to determine the additional costs related to acquiring access and work these into our overall budget. As we test and survey your site, GIS determines the ideal method of delivering power, water, septic, etc. to the location. Once we identify and agree upon the best way to provide these services, we work with local utility companies and involve them in the planning process. This initial step in the planning process is fundamental – it can severely change or restrict your design. These factors also have a huge implication on cost, the long-term health/safety of your building, and its imprint on the surrounding area.

In order to properly prepare a site, GIS first tests the soil. This helps determine the ideal building location and gives us an idea of what will be required to build a lasting foundation on your particular property. We’ll perform detailed assessments and then align our building methods to work in tandem with the natural surroundings. Onsite impact analysis gives us the best information as to how we can blend the topography with your new build. The effect on the environment is minimized, and you benefit from the beauty around you.

The GIS method and philosophy enable our buildings to be in harmony with areas designated as Fish and Wildlife Priority Habitats. This element is particularly important because many areas surrounding Seattle have protected native plant species and wildlife habitats. Building in certain locations could potentially affect fish, streams, and wetlands…all considerations that might impact your desired build site. We are often able to achieve a symbiotic relationship with the terrain because we do not remove or build over what already exists there, but instead seek to preserve streams, forests, trees, and wetlands as well as the natural habitats, native species, and native vegetation. Using sustainable building principles and their expertise on Entitlements and Government Approvals, the GIS team is known for working cohesively with the environment.

Achieving The Highest Build Potential For Your Site Takes Comprehensive Teamwork Among Experts In Multiple Fields

Our ultimate goal is to make the most of your unique build site. As a result, real estate development with GIS includes everything from deciding where you might want to build, to feasibility studies, preparing a project proforma, defining scope and project costs, hiring surveyors or geotechnical consultants when necessary, and coordination with your chosen engineering and custom home or multi-family unit design team.

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