GIS International Works With You To Acquire The Land That’s Right For Your Custom Built Home

The GIS International Team Includes Land Acquisition Realtor Services That Can Identify The Best Locations And Help You Get The One You Choose Under Contract

The GIS expert will help you through the right steps in locating and acquiring the land for your custom home, multi-family, or other construction project

What to expect from your GIS real estate and land acquisition expert:


Determine The Ideal Location For Your Custom Home

We’ll discuss your ideals and the reasons you are looking to build, your timeframe for building (urgent vs. not urgent), and what your preferences are for location and setting. We will answer any questions you have about available locations and put together contingency plans to ensure we are prepared for the variables that could take place throughout the process.


Review the Phases and Components of the Search Process

We will review what you can expect step-by-step in the typical purchase (including site evaluation, making the offer, the counter offer process, negotiations beyond price, and agreement). We will also explain what can be controlled and what cannot be controlled in the sales environment – things like the market, product, promotion and price. We’ll explain the role affiliate professionals may have in the process. Next, we’ll discuss the role we will fill, and give you the options regarding budget, location, and other factors to choose from. You will also want to understand the obligations you take upon yourself as a buyer, and understand what you will need to do to get the best result through your search for the best land for your project.


We Start Searching

Next we will identify locations that fit your search criteria and goals. We will review what is available, and the potential advantages and disadvantages of each location, including identifying what’s unique, the locations strengths and special qualifications that may increase the value over time.


Identify The Best Potential Locations – and Eliminate Those That Don’t Fit Your Needs

You will get a detailed layout of the locations and choose which options you prefer. We’ll review the advantages that each parcel of land offers, and special incentives you can qualify for if the location provides for them. We can help you identify which location is the best fit for you financially and in other ways. There are a number of other considerations (ongoing development, potential long-term growth, etc.) that we can examine, and that research will turn to give you tremendous long-term benefits for your investment.


Current and Potential Value Analysis

We will examine the location and neighborhood environment, local homes that recently sold, and future plans in order to produce a current comparative market analysis that will help you see exactly what land in the local community have sold for. We will identify the pros and cons of certain price points, and explain how you can qualify for any additional incentives or programs.


Make An Offer

When we finish our preparation we will make an offer on the property of your choice, As we do so we will act as your agent and look to achieve your goals and interests. There may be a counter-offer and a negotiation. If so, we will walk you through the entire process until we come to a formal settlement.


Finalize Land Acquisition

Once we enter into our agreement, we will get the necessary paperwork prepared and go through the legal steps necessary to purchase the land. We will keep you informed of the steps we have taken so that you’re always “in the know” – and we will work with you schedule so that when it is time to sign the paperwork, it is all prepared and easy for you to complete the process.

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