What To Expect From GIS During Master Planning For A Custom Home Or Building

Take Advantage of GIS International’s Custom Home Construction Expertise

Planning Your New Custom Home

Successful building starts with thorough planning. Our proven system accounts for those unanticipated situations that can and will arise when building a home. Before we lift a shovel or pick up a hammer, we’ll plan out all the floors, hallways, bedrooms, baths, kitchen, and every pantry and closet. Then we’ll draft the drawings for your inspection before we start to work on the site.


Review financing options

Help you define target budget

We work to maximize your investment and look to offer you every cost savings available. These include:

Plan Development—The goal of our design professionals is to provide drawings of homes within your budget paraments, the end result of which is fewer plan revisions and, ultimately, savings for you.

Material Discounts—Our established relationship with vendors over the years helps us secure discounts on materials that we can then pass along to you.

Project Costing—Our streamlined process results in an accurate project costing. Our team of workers provides the best mix of quality, value, and reliability.

Scheduling—At GIS, we know how to reduce mistakes so that we stay on budget, and on schedule.

Change Orders—We work meticulously to avoid change orders. However, we know that sometimes after the plans are approved and the building starts, you may want to make adjustments. We can certainly accommodate you. Because we have our own internal team, GIS is able to handle changes at a minimal cost. Our team, already familiar with the plans for your home, will know how to manage your requests in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


• Review your property

• Determine how the property fits your plans

• Provide a written site report

Offer best post-construction options for home and site

Building Specifications

• Prepare detailed specifications

• Explain material choices and their impact on your budget

• Show you how to balance your project and budget goals

• Input on aesthetics, energy consumption, future value, etc.


We’ll obtain the necessary permits in a timely manner so that your project can start as scheduled.

Design and Planning

Our team of design professionals will work together from the start, often before the plans are finalized, to ensure your project is successful.

• Provide design resources

• Guide you through the design stage

• Consider how your design will impact the value of your home and your desired budget

• Review your plans with a “builder’s eye”

• Prepare detailed specifications

• Establish realistic project costs

• Create detailed costing report

Job Costing

• Establish realistic project costs

• Complete costing using our experience, knowledge, and resources

• Provide you a detailed accounting/costing report


When the planning is complete, it’s time to start building. Our detailed planning enables us to move quickly and smoothly through the building process. … our systematic way of approaching each project coordinates exactly what needs to happen and when.

Scheduling Your Building Timeline

GIS coordinates the entire project from start to finish. We make certain that the right crews are on site with the right materials, the right insurance, the right safety equipment, the right training, at the right time. This is a key factor in keeping your custom construction on track.

Ordering Materials and Supplies and Managing Equipment Logistics

Our experienced supervisors and project management team will ensure that the right materials are there, in the right quantities, at the right times.

Coordinate All the Phases – From the Pouring of the Foundation to the Framing, HVAC, Plumbing, Wiring, Drywalling, Painting, Flooring, and Finishing Craftsmanship

Properly trained, experienced work crews are vital to the success of your custom home build. The teams we use on your project must comply with GIS’s stringent standards. Our work crews are all required to carry and maintain proper insurance for your safety, as well as theirs. Their work is top notch and always on schedule.

Due to our long-term relationship with trusted suppliers, we get prompt attention should problems arise.

Regular Budget Reviews

As the project proceeds, we’ll continue to review our expenditures and resource allocation in order to account for the money being spent. GIS is dedicated to staying within your budget so we’ll track all expenses down to the penny.

Site Visits and Planning Meetings

As the project proceeds, you may want to make a change or two, or you might like to just check up on the site. In fact, the majority of our homeowners say that they visit the build site every single day! During the course of the project, we’ll meet with you whenever you like – either onsite or in our office. We will cover all details including budget, scheduling, change orders, materials, and anything else that may be on your mind.

As Construction Site Managers Of Your New Custom Home Or Building, We Will Work To Accomplish The Following:

1. Assemble and manage the project schedule

2. Hire and manage subcontractors

3. Schedule resources and equipment

4. Manage costs and building schedule

5. Order materials

6. Manage and execute change orders from the owner

7. Negotiate pricing with suppliers

8. Provide certifications as necessary to ensure payment for the materials

9. Facilitate weekly partnering meetings, construction meetings, scheduling meetings, safety meetings, etc.

10. Take responsibility for all subcontractors and their workmanship

Final Accounting, Walk Through, and Stewardship Report

We’ll meet with you to review resource allocation, accounting reports, and the final itemized budget. You’ll receive a comprehensive final budget report and all the records you need for your personal files. Then we’ll walk through your new home to ensure everything is done to our high standards and to your complete satisfaction. Finally, we hand you the key… the house is yours!

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