If You Would Like To Know What A Professional Site Development Expert Has To Say About Your Planned Custom Home Build Site, Ask GIS To Perform A Formal Site Evaluation

When you have already acquired land or if you have a site that you are thinking about purchasing, then inviting our site experts to walk the site with you can provide you with unique insights and open your eyes to possibilities that you may not have realized.

Site Evaluation For A Custom Built Home

As we conduct our site evaluation, we will analyze a variety of factors that can impact your site and your planned build.

We typically like to visit the site with you so that you can show us the exact location that you are planning to build, and also share with us the characteristics that you like most about the site. As we walk the site with you our vision will take hold and we will share ideas that can truly enhance your planned project. A lot of times we all need to put boots on the ground in order to see the possibilities of a site. Not only will we experience various challenges, we will also realize opportunities.

As we study the site, we will look at the topography, the native foliage and streams or waterways, drainage, forestation, and also look to identify the environmental factors that we should consider as we plan the build. We will likely take a lot of pictures to keep a record that can positively influence the architectural plans and drawings in the future.

When we have completed a site assessment, it can include a variety of information and factors, including potential variations for land use, such as:

  1. We will examine the “whole site” including topographical features, buildings and building orientation/ placement on site.
  2. The location of the primary building or residence.
  3. The planned location of associated structures and infrastructure such as access and pathways or appropriate use of space between structures.
  4. The planned location for the garage or parking structure(s).
  5. Access roads and the potential pathway for the driveway and parking, and how to properly allow for vehicles to maneuver.
  6. The direction and planned primary view from the home.
  7. Clearly, the complexity of the site planning process will vary with the scale and nature of the proposed development, and the constraints existing on the site.
    Minor development may only require a site plan and accompanying narrative. Whereas sites that are highly constrained may result in more detailed plans and supporting technical reports being submitted with the development application.

Together We’ll Use The Site Evaluation To Assess Your Custom Home Plans, Make Necessary Adjustments, And Achieve Your Overall Vision

Our site assessment can have an impact on the future design of your building. With a thorough professional assessment in place, designers can account for the results that were identified in the evaluation to take advantage of the site’s unique features, and to account for the building site constraints. Every site inherently carries both opportunities and constraints, and our team of experts knows how to properly manage the constraints and leverage the opportunities the site provides to give you an outstanding result.

After Site Evaluation Is Complete, We Begin The Construction Site Planning Phase For Your Custom Built Home

With a strong site evaluation and assessment in place, we are prepared to take on the site planning process. We use principles geared to improve development outcomes through sustainability and quality.

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