Construction has been part of our lives since early on and we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive services that ensure the success of projects we undertake. One key aspect of our approach is our strategic partnerships with the best general contractors in the industry. We recognize the immense value they bring to our projects through their expertise, dedication, and commitment to excellence. By carefully selecting and collaborating with these top-tier contractors, we make sur that our teams are equipped with the best talent available, resulting in streamlined processes, efficient project execution and ultimately, the delivery of exceptional results. Our commitment to partnering with the best, underscores our dedication to exceeding client expectations and achieving project success.
In construction, failure can manifest in various forms – from budget overruns and schedule delays to design flaws and safety hazards. From mistakes made and past failed opportunities, we understand that setbacks are inevitable, but we refuse to let them define us. Instead, we conduct thorough post-mortems, analyzing root causes, and implementing corrective measures, we continuously evolve and refine the processes to mitigate the risk of recurrence. We pick construction teams that has emphasis on fostering a culture of collaboration and insights, further encouraging our ability to navigate through adversity.

Planning & Design Coordination

By managing the design process, we ensure all details are considered and questions are asked. We meet with plan reviewers, update the numbers, and track the process from the day we get engaged. Sometimes, we start from scratch, and other times, we are brought in midway.

Material Selection

At GIS, we don’t just build projects, our team of experts also helps you select preferred materials and appliances — all at budget-saving prices. Our goal is to relieve the stress associated with making these types of selections, and we supply the insight that comes from being in the industry for generations.


Effective building- and construction-budgeting for your next custom home is the key to getting exactly what you want, and where you want it. Let us help you to allocate your funds to ensure that, together, we achieve your goals and successfully invest your money according to plan.


We help with raising equity and procuring debt financing using our vast network and experience. Financial engineering is one of our specialties. Some projects benefit from limited partners (LP), co-General Partners (co-GP), guarantors, also known as key principals (LP), mezzanine debt, preferred equity, and other financing vehicles.


With talented managers and a state-of-the-art project management process and software, we work to ensure that each phase of the project works together to keep things moving forward.

Green Building

We work with the land to create green, energy-efficient custom homes for our clients. At GIS our specialty is creating homes with both low environmental impact and green energy efficiency. There is a synergy between being environmentally conscious and financially-savvy. Our commitment to these building principles helps preserve the natural environment around your new home and keeps your energy bills low.

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