GIS Constructs Multi-Family Residences Possessing The Same Exceptional Style As Our Custom Built Homes

The multi-family residential buildings we construct benefit from our strategic approach, that integrates the development, planning, and construction processes. We are unique is that we design, develop and build. Our strategic advantage is our experience all on side of this business. We understand the cost implications of certain design and material specifications. Conversely, we recommend better materials and higher quality subcontractors as an example as a way to save money and/or preserve your investment. We may advice more consulting documentation support to prevent a problem or improve the longevity of an aspect of your building. Or the construction documentation may just not be up to par. GIS International provides comprehensive construction management services for all types of multi-family units, ranging from duplexes to large-scale apartment and condominium complexes. The structures and expanded infrastructure that we create at GIS work to enhance how people live, interact, and play in our Seattle area community.

custom built homes

The Process We Use To Build Custom Homes Simplifies Larger Construction Projects

When you choose GIS you have access to our knowledge bank on Sustainable Building processes. These systems are applied inside the physical structure of your home as well as to the outside, in order to maintain the integrity of the surrounding environment.

Other Custom Home Builders May Sound Similar, But We Offer A Significant Difference In Terms Of Value And Outcome

It is common and even wise to submit plans and request bids from multiple contractors, though we find that is not enough to know the difference between contractor and their bids. We find that the typical bid process is not sufficient to help investors and owners properly understand the difference between proposals. As many builders bid in such a manner to merely “win” the business, not with the client’s best interests in mind. We concentrate our efforts on understanding the goals of the project and custom tailoring our approach and our bids accordingly. Our involvement heavily leans on our commitment to helping our clients make informed decisions. Our competitors often times underbid projects and submit a proposal that does not include all the relevant details. The scope of work’s accuracy is the key to expectations being met. Everything that is left undefined in the beginning will cost you in the form of change work orders that push timelines and the budget far beyond what you had been lead to believe.

custom built homes

Nobody Likes Surprises – Our Highly Detailed Process Works To Eliminate Them

When you choose GIS, you will recognize our attention to detail in all that we do. We dig deep to identify all requirements, then we work to align budgets, dial in your plans, carefully select your materials, and everything necessary to ensure the build goes smoothly. Our team will happily be engaged through the documentation and pre-construction/design stages. When it comes time to build, we will bring in our own experienced project management staff, subcontractors, and suppliers — handling the necessary labor, materials, tools, and equipment to complete the job. You can trust us to handle it all and do it as planned.

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If you have a multi-family residential building plan – or even if you are considering ideas, it’s never too early to sit down with us for a complimentary appointment to discuss your project. We’ll help you get your plan started, and we’ll give you our best advice and insights.

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