Podcast: Blueprint for Growth: Navigating Real Estate Development

Podcast cover Eugene Gershman with Joe Cornwell

Podcast: Blueprint for Growth: Navigating Real Estate Development

Eugene Gershman’s podcast interview at “Best Ever Real Estate Advice” with Joe Cornwell of Best Ever CRE.

They discussed EG’s journey in the real estate industry.

EG shared details about his family background in real estate and how he entered the field, including his experiences with early projects, 2008 great financial crisis and lessons learned.

They delved into GIS’s company strategy, focusing on multifamily and single-family developments in the Greater Seattle area and our approach to partnerships with property owners.

Throughout the discussion, we emphasized the significance of market fundamentals and thorough planning for successful real estate ventures.

Overall, the conversation covered a range of topics relevant to real estate development and offered valuable insights for listeners.

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