Choose GIS For Both Green And Sustainable Building Options

Many of our clients are interested in building homes that are eco-friendly. There are two different yet similar schools of thought in approaching a construction project: Green building and Sustainable building.

Green building refers to the making building choices in design, materials, appliances, and lifestyle that focus on a more efficient use of resources, while minimizing any harmful impact on the environment when compared to other options.

Sustainable building refers to those choices we make that solve specific challenges without having adverse implications in the future. This includes the long-term effect of choosing specific building materials, recycling, and more.

We can make Green buildings choices and selections to create structures that effectively reduce the overall impact on the natural environment. The choices we make in materials and energy use can impact your health, and the health of animals, plants, and the local ecosystem. As we plan your home, multi-family, or commercial building, we can focus on efficiently using energy, water, and other resources while protecting everyone’s health and reducing waste, pollution and any negative impact on the local environment.

We can employ Green Building Strategies for your home or commercial building by focusing on ways to create efficient, energy-saving homes that are eco-friendly.

Green building practices are primarily focused on developing sustainable sites, increasing water and energy efficiency, reducing waste and emissions, using eco-friendly building materials, and improving indoor environmental quality more efficiently than conventional designs.

GIS Can Provide Energy Sources That Are Eco-Friendly Such As:

● Geothermal Energy

● Wind Energy

● Solar Energy (Though we must plan carefully when we use solar in Washington, since it rains so often here)

● Renewable Energy

● Others

GIS Can Provide Water Systems That Are Eco-Friendly Such As:

● Net-Zero Water

● Efficient Water Use Appliances and Household Items

● Rainwater Harvesting and Storage

● Stormwater Management

● Wastewater Treatment

Green Interiors Can Provide Expert Planning For Green Living, Like:

● Flooring and Finishes

● Daylighting/Lighting

● Space Use Efficiency

● Eco-Friendly Material Selection

● Indoor Landscaping

Call GIS at 206.203.3514 and let’s schedule a time to talk about how Green and Sustainable building choices can help you improve your building project, your life, and can have a positive impact on your immediate and future budget.