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Let Our Team Help You Properly Budget, Plan, And Allocate Funds For Your Custom Home Project

Every Home And Building Is Different – And We Can Help You Properly Navigate The Budget Planning Process And Make Sure That You Have A Complete Financial Plan

Here are some factors you need to consider as we budget for your custom home construction project:

  • The price of land acquisition/real estate fees.
  • The cost of permits, inspections, and due diligence.
  • The price of building materials.
  • Architectural drawings.
  • Engineering documentation.
  • Labor costs.
  • Land preparation.
  • To begin construction.
  • Utility costs.
  • Clear and grading the site.
  • Building the foundation.
  • Framing (labor and materials).
  • Exterior materials and finishes.
  • Electrical.
  • Interior finishing.
  • Completed building insurance.
  • Landscaping.

The allocation of funds is critical. When builders don’t plan and allocate funds accurately and appropriately, building construction can stop cold in its tracks. Materials arrive after they’re paid for, and laborers get paid for showing up on site.

If You’re In Seattle, Call On GIS International Professionals To Get Help With Allocating Funds

It can be difficult to control spending and pace the expenditures throughout the building process. Call GIS to help you plan your fund allocation so that you will have sufficient money for each phase of the project, and you can complete it on time and with your budget in mind.

GIS Offers A Rare Combination Of Services That Are Ideal For Custom Home Builders

GIS has grown up in this industry – three generations and counting – and have proven ourselves on projects both locally and internationally. We possess the experience and ability to seamlessly integrate the various phases of the construction process and successfully transform an idea into a reality.

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