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Today’s emphasis on environmentally-friendly custom homes and buildings is good for the planet AND it makes economic sense.

Modern building technologies make environmentally sustainable building materials and processes just as strong and stable, and in many cases, superior to the methods used for decades. Our building planning and processes take into account the use of resources throughout their life-cycle. Therefore, each phase of the design process, including planning and design, construction, and the long-term operation and maintenance and even the renovation of the building are included in our consideration. The buildings we create are part of a significant and mindful shift toward energy-efficiency and responsible use of resources in all aspects of the building lifespan.

The Advantages Of Environmentally-Responsible Construction Methods

While our environmentally-sound building methods are based on proven and verified principles, they can sometimes be improved. As we work through each phase of your building, we will evaluate the project to ensure that it is progressing according to our objectives for reducing their overall impact on the environment. Environmentally responsible work to achieve the following goals:

• Efficient use of natural resources, including water, air, soil, and other resources
• Protect the health of people and the animals and natural species in the area
• Reduce potential for waste and pollution
• Efficient use of energy
• Reduction in cost of living and operation; save money on operational costs
• Allow aesthetically-pleasing designs and features

GIS International Uses Environmentally-Friendly Building Techniques To Create More Sustainable Custom Homes And Buildings

The next generation of buildings will be far more energy efficient than ever before. They will maximize the energy required to heat, cool, or light them through the use of advanced technologies and insulation that works to prevent energy loss through air gaps and drafts. They will employ windows that reduce the amount of energy loss while maximizing the benefits of view, lighting, and ease of maintenance.

GIS Recommends Technologically-Advanced, Energy-Saving Appliances And Building Materials For Your Custom Home Or Building

As we work through the selection process, we will usually recommend Energy Star appliances for all of your heating, cooling, water heaters and other appliances, and light fixtures.

The new building can include permeable materials to allow rainwater to soak into native plants, and the rainwater can be conserved with water-saver faucets.

Other energy efficient materials that can lead to ongoing savings over time can include:

• Insulated concrete forms
• Plant-based polyurethane rigid foam
• Reflective roofing
• Recycled wood
• Low-E windows

A substantial amount of energy – estimated to be approximately 50% of a building’s energy — tends to escape through windows, doors, and through the heating and cooling of a building. Our plans use efficient exterior walls, ultra-efficient windows, and energy efficient equipment to keep operating costs low and maximize energy conservation.

Let GIS International Give You Energy-Conservation Ideas For Your Custom Home Or Building

If you are planning an upcoming construction project then call us and set a time to have an energy audit. We will go over the various ways you can look to conserve energy and give you a plan for long-term energy savings.

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