A GIS Financial Analysis Helps Manage The Fiscal Outcome Of Your Custom Home Or Building Project

Just as we conduct due diligence with our plans for a construction site, materials, foundations, structures, we research the financial aspects of the plan as well. We need to ensure that the plan is sound, and that we are educated and informed regarding the financial components of the project.

Who Benefits From GIS’s Financial Analysis?

Our financial assessments are ideal for individual custom home buyers, multi-family home investors, master community developers, and large-scale commercial or civic projects. Call on GIS to perform a financial assessment if you are looking to build out a subdivision, or further develop properties with apartments, condominiums, townhomes, or other cash-flow generating property proposals.

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This Includes A Wide Range Of Subjects:

  • Cost of a property.
  • Cost of further development of the property.
  • Cost of conducting due diligence on the property.
  • Amount of cash funds invested vs. that from lenders.
  • Financial stability of all parties funding the project.
  • If proper insurances – including financial coverage – are in place.

Multi-Family Development Financial Cash Flow Analysis

For multi-family developments or large scale apartments we can provide a financial cash flow analysis that will generate accurate and detailed projection of cash flow, monies from loan funding, profit & loss sheets, and budget analysis projections for each unit through the renting and/or selling process. Several clients are seeking to make the decision whether or not to sell or rent upon the project’s completion using our analysis.

We take into account costs, estimated cash flow, income, and the overall feasibility of the entire project. To that end, we work with lenders, real estate appraisers, investors, consultants, and decision makers regarding your upcoming project.

What Does A GIS Financial Assessment Look Like?

Our team uses a wide range of specialized financial documents and spreadsheets to account for the various monies. We concentrate on pledged and anticipated cash flow, in order to compile an accurate financial picture of the project from beginning to end. We factor comparable projects and their respective values, listings-sales, as well as land valuations. Impact (direct or indirect) is considered of neighboring development that may have an effect on the value of the project. This report analyzes those development and external improvements to show investors what they can expect for their property investment in the future.

Our Financial Analysis Of A Multi-Family Development Can Be Used To Gain Additional Investors

If the initial investor or developer would like to have additional investors (associated with a project), a financial analysis is likely to be exactly the kind of information those potential investors will need to see.

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